Warrior Whey Protein Powder – Up to 36g* of Protein Per Shake – Low Sugar, and L



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  • ✔ 36g PROTEIN PER 50g SERVING TO HELP BUILD MUSCLE - Use after training to quickly heal micro-tears in muscle tissues, speed up recovery, and reduce muscle soreness for STRONGER and BIGGER muscles over time.
  • ✔ LOW CARB & LOW IN SUGAR - Warrior Whey is HIGH in protein but low in Carbohydrates, Fats, and Sugar. Ideal to use as a meal replacement as part of a calorie-controlled diet while trying to lean out, and perfect for those simply looking to BUILD MUSCLE and BURN FAT at the same time.
  • ✔ USE ANY DAY FOR DIFFERENT GOALS - Portion size can be increased or decreased depending on your training goals. For LEANING OUT, use 1 scoop mixed with 200ml water to create a low-carb Protein Shake. For LEAN GAINS, use 2 scoops instead.

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